• Strange cities: Athens

Strange cities: Athens _ 2015

It’s hard, but try to imagine that you’ve never laid eyes on Athens.
Now imagine an exhibition in which artists from around the world were invited
to create their own images of our Athens;
there was just one condition: that they’d never seen it!

That was the challenge laid down by “Strange Cities”, for which the OCC,
in collaboration with the team of curators from London’s Double Decker,
carefully chose a team of visual artists from around the world.

Providing just an ‘inspiration box’ by way of help — containing a recipe,
a scent, a poem, a book and recordings of the sounds and music of the city —
the show seeks to arouse the curiosity and activate the imagination
of artists and visitors alike.

What did the words, sounds and tastes reveal? What routes did an unseen Athens
lead the artists down? What seeds did this strange and unseen city with
its unparalleled history and unique myths plant in their imaginations?

Participating artists:
Eva Roovers, Photographer (The Netherlands)
Adam Dix, Painter (UK)
Alexander Egger, Graphic Artist (Germany)
Amy Friend, Photographer (Canada)
Ekta / Daniel Götesson, Artist (Sweden)
Jesse Treece, Collage Artist (USA)
Kako, Illustration Artist (Brazil)
Michael Mann, Photographer (Germany)
Peter Judson, Illustration Artist (UK)
Thomas Robson, Graphic Artist (UK)
John Diebel, Collage Artist (USA)
Jarmila Mitríková & David Demjanovic, Fine Artists (Czech Republic)
Emma Löfström, Artist (Sweden)
Kit Miles, Print / Textile Artist (UK)
Angela Moore, Photographer (UK)
Seb Jarnot, Graphic & Illustration Artist (France)
Tom Radclyffe, Illustration & Graphic Artist (UK)
Craig Redman & Karl Maier, Graphic Artists (UK / USA)
Fernanda Rappa, Photographer & Installation Artist (Brazil)
Joris Vandecatseye, Photographer (Belgium)
Ryan Russo, Sculptor (USA)
Amana (Kazuhiro Hashimoto), Digital Artist Collective (Japan)
Eva Stenram, Photographer (Sweden)

Communication & Marketing Department, Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens
Onassis Foundation
Afroditi Panagiotakou

Curated by:
Double Decker (Wilhelm Finger, Melita Skamnaki)

Exhibition Design & Supervision:
Spacelab Architecture
(Sotiris Hainis, Vana Krimnioti)