• The Landscape of Volax _ bw 2:3

The Landscape of Volax _ bw 2:3 _ work in progress _ 2016 – 2019

Volax (Greek: Βώλαξ) or Volakas is a small village on the island of Tinos,
in the Cyclades, Greece.
Its unique surrounding of big round rocks gives the whole landscape a lunar appearance.
It was established in the 14th-century or older. It lies on a little plateau
in the centre of Tinos in an average altimeter of 284m above sea level.
It rests in a gorge that looks as if it has been pelted with boulders.
Large, almost perfectly round grey rocks dot the plateau and slopes around Volax,
creating a quite stunning sight and unique geological phenomenon.
The big round rocks of plutonic origin that encircle it,
create an appearance that seduces the tourists with its peculiarity.

*from Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia