• Theatro Technis – Karolos Koun

The Art Theatre (Theatro Technis) was founded in 1942 – the darkest years of the
Nazi occupation – by Karolos Koun, setting as its aims the promotion of new Greek
playwrights, the foundation of a Drama School with its own highly individual style,
the familiarization of the Greek public with all the major foreign playwrights,
both classical and modern, the staging of Ancient Drama.
Its principal characteristics were and still are: collective work,
theatrical training and common artistic aims.

The Art Theatre nurtured a multitude of young Greek playwrights,
whose work was a tremendous incentive to Koun and his students.
Some of the Greek playwrights who have appeared on the Art Theatre’s stage
since 1942 are: G. Sevastikoglou, I.Kambanellis, D. Kehaidis, E.Haviara, G. Armenis,
D.Litinaki, L.Anagnostaki, M.Laina a.o.

The Art Theatre has acquainted the Greek public with the works of Williams, Miller,
Lorca, Brecht, Ionesco, Albee, Weiss, Pinter, Arrabal, Beckett, Gombrowicz, Fo,
Genet, Frisch, Ruzante, Erdmann, Rouzewicz, Rodriquez, Straous and many others.
The Art Theatre has always been a place where every classical and contemporary
trend of the world theatre interweaves and interacts with the trends and concerns
prevalent in Greece, resulting in a distinctively Greek cultural identity.

In the eight decades of its existence, the Art theatre has remained loyal to its
initial identity, goals and aesthetic orientation, convinced that this is the essence
of its cultural contribution and what may be called its ideology.